The TapeWorm Diet

The TapeWorm Diet
Let's get this straight. I'm an actual person. You know, a person that takes responsibility for what he writes, not some unknown person that hides behind a website. My name is Tom Nardone and you can find me, where I work, and probably even where I live on the Internet. As a real person, I am forced to tell you the truth. You won't get any bullshit from me, unless I am joking around, then you will get pure BS. But Tape Worms are not something I'm prepared to joke about.

Here is how the tapeworm diet works. You travel to Mexico where you pay a "clinic" approximately $2,000 to ingest a beef tapeworm cyst. This cyst allows a tapeworm to grow inside your intestinal tract. Now, you get to play host to a parasite. The bad news is that your new parasite friend steals much of your food, your health, and your energy. The good news is your sickly body starts to lose weight fairly rapidly.

When you have had enough, you fess up to a real doctor here in the USA and get a does of antibiotics. Next you hope that the antibiotics work fast enough so you don't die before that tapeworm does. If you win you will then get to see your weight loss friendfor the first time as your body evacuates what can be a six foot long parasite.

Oh yea, don't bother with tapeworm "pills" they are totally fake, there is no such thing. Real tapeworms are injected at the cyst phase, which is sort of like a living egg, they need to be harvested from a freshly killed, but diseased cow. Beware of tapeworms from a pig, those are deadly.

So, in conclusion, you are a serious dumbass if you consider using a tapeworm for weight loss, and a bigger one if you go through with it.

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