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>Welcome to Fad Diet Dot Com. I think we all know that fad diets are not the best way in the world to lose weight but rather than demonize them like every other "expert" let's agree to enjoy their silliness. I will drop the condescending tone of most professionals. Instead lets remember the humor about dieting and have a good time.

I have tried to compile a comprehensive list of fad diets along with some interesting weight loss humor. Most of these diets have been around since the mid-seventies and many of them circulate anew each year. There is nothing new about fad diets. They didn't really work then and they don't really work today.

I apologize if I am not helping you lose weight. Trust me, if there was a way I could improve your appearance while you read this page I would do it. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. There is no special combination of foods that will make you lose weight.

Losing weight is as simple as it is difficult. To lose weight you need to eat less calories than you burn. Increase your activity level and decrease the amount of calories you consume and you will lose weight. It is so simple but yet few of us are capable of doing it. So let's just have a laugh about it.

At present, my favorite pages on the website include:
  • Favorite Fad Diet: The 7 Day Diet - The idea of eating all you can eat to lose weight is very funny to me.
  • Least Favorite Fad Diet: The 3 Day Diet - Mainly because I don't like any of the foods in it.
  • One other thing this website is good for is if you made a bet with a friend. Say, you and your friend made a bet about who could lose the most weight in one week. Well, it is day 6 and you are losing the race. Visit the Amputation Diet page for some really useful tips to win that bet.

Our Favorite Fad Diets

Cabbage Soup Diet
The cabbage soup diet is the king of all fad diets. Popular, Nutritional Decent, and Fairly Easy.
South Beach Diet
Naming Your Diet After A Place Where Skinny People Vacation...Brilliant.
Lemonade Diet
Also Called A Master Cleanse - For The Strong Of Spirit and Weak of Mind.
The 1 Day Diet
If You Know You Will Quit After 1 Day, Go With This One And Be A Success!
The 3 Day Diet
If You Think You Can Last For 3 Days, Here Is The Diet Plan For You.
7 Day All You Can Eat Diet
Seven Days of Weird Portions of Strange Foods. How Can It NOT Work?
Diet Videos
Watch Fad's videos here. You'll find fun, relevant, and interesting videos from
The Hollywood Diet
If You Want To Drink Juice Instead of Eating, This Fad Diet Is For You.
Amputation Diet
If You Need To Lose Weight Fast At All Costs, Like To Win A Bet, Here Is The Plan For You.

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