Please have a look at some other sites that I have made.

Sites I have worked on:
Bachelorette Party - is the world's largest store for bachelorette party merchandise. We have over 500 different items along with great party ideas and advice.
Maid of Honor Advice - A nice site that explains all of the duties of a Maid of Honor. This site gives advice, helps you plan the bridal shower and has free speeches, free toasts, and free bridal shower games that you can download and use.
Pumpkin Carving - This may sound really strange but I might be the world's most famous pumpkin carver. I started a website called ExtremePumpkins a while ago and it is very fun. One of the few websites that I have created that are family friendly.
Ugly Bridesmaids' Dresses, - A friend and I built a website about ugly bridesmaid dresses called It is fun.
Kissing College - Learn how to kiss with these 25 video lessons. These free kissing lessons are taught by two experts in the field. I hope you like them.
Massage - offers free massage lessons and advice.
Give Her An - Learn how to give a woman an orgasm using these thirty techniques. Free videos show you exactly what to do to give a woman an orgasm.
Bachelorette Parties - You just can't buy great bachelorette party items at the corner store. Most cities have zoning laws that prevent shops from carrying adult oriented merchandise. That is how got so much great stuff. We are the perfect place to shop for bachelorette party items.
Shop In Private - My first website and the most successful thing I have done in my life. In 1998 I created a way to buy things without embarrassment. Now it is the full time job of myself and 5 other people to keep your personal information private.
Bachelorette Party Cakes - You can learn how to bake a cake for a bachelorette party at this site.
Blow Up Dolls for Bachelorette Parties, reviews different bachelorette party dolls and lets you know which ones are best for you. It also covers blow up dolls for bachelor parties too.
Bachelorette Party Drinks - If you are having people over for a bachelorette party and you want to mix some drinks. A visit to will give you a plan for getting a wide variety of drinks from a small number of ingredients.
Bachelorette Party Guide - Planning a bachelorette party but you don't know what type of things the bride would want? will help you choose items and activities based upon the bride's type.
Installing a Massaging Shower Head - I contributed the part about how to install a massaging shower head. - If you are having or attending a bachelor party or a bachelorette party in the future you really should stop by We have great products, fun party ideas and unique gifts. Most of the things we sell just aren't available anywhere else.
Rogaine, - As part of my job, I know alot about rogaine, minoxidil and other hair loss products. Unlike other site, I think ours offers you honest advice about what works.
Take Off Your Socks - A simple piece of advice that I doubt most men follow.
Bachelorette Party Stripper - A fun site that parodies the male stripper business.
Privacy Robot - I created this site to answer any embarrassing questions. It uses artificial intelligence technology to help you.
iTherapy - iTherapy provides free online therapy by using artificial intelligence technology. It is a project that I am working on. It probably won't be finished until about 2020 though.
The Bachelorette Party Awards - We have started giving out awards to the best products in the bachelorette party industry.
My personal site - This site has some small projects on it that aren't big enough for their own page. It also includes a form where you can contact me.
My company's site - Here is the corporate site for my company.
My greatest site: - Shop In Private for items that are embarrassing to buy at a store.

See The Fad Diets eBook at Amazon. Also, check out our sponsors: - The World's Most Private Store's Page Of Women's Beauty Secrets - Great if you need bachelorette party supplies. - Gorgeous! This site uses tact and professionalism to sell vibrators.

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