The Hand Near Mouth Alarm

The Hand Near Mouth Alarm
I am a perpetual rule-breaker. That is why I love fad diets so much. Using a fad diet to lose weight is like telling all of those celebrity doctors to shut up. It is just fun. Fad Diet users are rebels. We know they aren't good for us, but they do let you lose weight fast.

So I was reading this patent description and it said: "All other things being equal, the success of an attempt to lose weight depends heavily on the dieter's limiting of his calorie intake. Unfortunately, however, most people with weight problems have compulsive habits which cause them to eat food habitually and without conscious awareness that they are doing so. Such a person may be totally engrossed in another task and may eat whatever happens to be within reach without ever noticing that he is doing so"

I may feed myself without knowing about it sometimes but I also thought of a way to beat this alarm. It took me all of about 10 seconds to come up with my "Hand Near Mouth Alarm Hack" and I can summarize it in two words. "Dog Bowl" or three words "Pie eating contest".

The Man cannot keep me down.

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