Diet Tips 41-50

Diet Tips 41-50

41) A tip my doctor gave me: Don't drink anything while you are eating. He

told me this will make you have to chew longer, fill you up faster, and make

the meal more satisfying than if you are washing your half-chewed food down

with liquid. I've been eating that way for about a month now and it really

works. I have found that I eat much less but feel as though I've eaten more.

42) DRINK 6-8 GLASSES OF WATER EVERY DAY - washes down metabolized fat

43) Limit your fat intake to 20-50 grams per day.

44) Try using skim or 1% milk.

45)Make yogurt and cheese low-fat.

46)Cut off excess fat from meats concentrate on lean meats.

47)Try to avoid nuts.

48)Eat up to 6 veggies and up to 3 fruits a day.

49)Limit the servings of bread to one per meal.

50)Try avoiding or eliminating sweets.

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