Creation Scientists: Substitute all foods with Bread, Wine, Fish.

Caveman Fad Diet

One of the latest fad diets is related to the caveman diet book. The general premise is that things must have been better when we forraged for food. The dietary arrangement includes a lack of breads and carbohydrates. Meats and mostly fruits and vegetables are stressed. Based upon the caveman principles and our own judgement of what cavemen might have eaten, we have created the caveman fad diet. We hope you like it.

5 Day Caveman Fad Diet


Breakfast: Ugh, me hate first day of week. I hungry. What food have we? One big grapefruit. Yes, I eat one big grapefruit. I no know how to use sugar. No sugar allowed. One squeezed orange in glass (one grapefruit, one glass orange juice).

Lunch: Me find plenty of nuts on tree. Eat lots. Find celery and spinach on ground. Pepper too. Lots of vegetables and nuts (one tossed salad, all the nuts you want)

Snack: Me find apple tree. Eat all I want (all the apples you want)

Dinner: Me kill small animal. Roast on fire. eat vegetables too. Good meal. Me feel good (eat all you want of one rotiserie chicken, have two servings of vegetables).


Breakfast: I get out bed good today. Twos day not bad. Eat eggs and bacon for breakfast. Me not eat toast, it hasn't been invented yet. Squeeze orange in glass. (two eggs (three for men), 3 slices bacon (4 for men), one glass OJ)

Lunch: Eggs made me sleepy, didn't find much for lunch. I find 2 tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, (tossed salad).

Snack: Me find berries but they are dry from sun (raisins, prunes, dried fruit)

Dinner: Big animal kill. Eat lots. Dig up root (one large steak and a baked potato)


Breakfast: Don't know if this food good, but I like. Grow on dead tree. I eat with eggs (mushroom omelette no cheese)

Lunch: I eat meat today from kill, eat with green stuff from forest and eggs (cobb salad)

Snack: Me no snack today. Lunch good. Sit quiet hunt for dinner. (no snack today)

Dinner: Me no kill anything today. eat storage meat instead. cook on fire in water. Have with vegetables and root (corned beef and cabbage with boiled potato and carrots).


Breakfast: Eat potato from dinner last night. (one boiled potato)

Lunch: Find nuts today while fishing. Lots of water and berries too. Fishing good. Caveman like fishing but must wait to eat fish. (nuts, berries, lots of water)

Snack: Me eat nuts and berries while fishing. So hungry I try worms. Yuck! me let fish eat worms (nuts and berries for snack)

Dinner: Me eat fish. Lots of fish. I cook on fire with herbs. Eat with cooked vegetables. I eat lots of fish. Very full. (all the baked or poached fish you want)


Breakfast: Me find eggs. boil eggs. Eat boiled egss (all the harb boiled eggs you want).

Lunch: Lots of green stuff with vegetables. Me have some smokey meat too. (salad with smoked turkey, no bread)

Snack: Lots of oranges. Find on orange tree. (all the oranges you want)

Dinner: Me make soup on fire. No find any grains, just meat bones, meat and vegetables. Sometimes I use small bird bones, sometimes I use big animal bones. (Meat and vegetable stew like chicken soup or beef stew, but no noodles or rice are allowed only potatoes).

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