Get Rich Quick By Creating A Fad Diet!

Make Your Own Fad Diet

How to Create Your Own Fad Diet:

Note: This is especially effective if you have Doctorate degree in something obscure like geniology. That way you can call it the "Dr. Scardsmayo Diet". Follow this up with a book and you'll be rich.

Here are the basic ingredients you will need to create your own fad diet:

  • A book that lists the nutritional values of every food under the sun.
  • A good idea about what foods the grocery store carries
  • A bag of chips (you'll need a snack while you work).
  • No nutritional knowledge whatsoever.
  • A picture of someone who was slim 5 years ago, but is now larger.
  • The larger person has to own an outfit that is at least 10 years old.

Let's get Started: First let's pick your diet secret.

When choosing the method for your fad diet you will need your book of nutrition. Look in your book and find a measure of nutrition that is irrelevant to everyday life. Here are some good examples of methods for a fad diet:

  • "The all the potassium you want diet."
  • The "Potassium is killing you" diet.
  • "I Zinced away 50 pounds"
  • "Low Sodium is Low Weight"
  • "Polysorbate-80 pounds lighter"
  • "Carageenen causes obesity"

Sorry folks, but you can't use fat, carbohydrates, or fiber because a famous Doctor has beat you to each of them.

Next, Let's Pick Your Fad Diet Foods

When choosing the menu for your fad diet you will need your list of items that they have at the grocery store. Using this list, you must follow these rules:

  • Menu items cannot be carried by a normal grocery store.
    • Mango and Shallots used to be good examples of fad diet ingredients but may be too common.
    • Malt syrup might be used on bulgar wheat toast.
    • Frozen sliced ocra and rutabaga are good ideas to accompany an arugula salad.
  • Menu items must be unlikely to be kept in ones pantry.
    • Fruits are good candidates because they spoil.
    • Dairy products also expire and are likely candidate.
    • Frozen foods are good also because they will tie up freezer space and prevent future purchases of ice cream.
  • Items should sound sort of healthy, but not really.
    • Cottage cheese is an excellent example of this
    • Saltine crackers are good.
    • Plain yogurt is just bland enough.
    • Castor oil is also effective.
  • Serving sizes must be an incredibly small portion of an item that must be bought in bulk. Best if this item is useless for everyday consumption or spoils quickly.
    • 1/8 of a pound of ground pork.
    • One 1/8" slice of watermellon.
    • 1/4 cup of puffed rice.
    • Two teaspoons of un-milled barley.
    • 1 teaspoon of dark corn syrup.
    • 1/4 plaintain.
  • Items must be repulsive (this is what nutritionists call an appetite suppresant). For repulsive items you can kick up your diet if you allow people to eat tons of it.
    • As many brussel sprouts as you want, they are a hidden source of carageenen!
    • 6 cans of popeye creamed spinach.
    • 12 oz of braized goat liver.
    • On Thursday eat all of the boiled plaintains you want, stuff yourself.

You certainly have a good start now. Next you will make the schedule.

Finally, Let's Choose A Schedule For The Fad Diet

Making the schedule is relatively easy.

Time Span

First pick a really short time span. Too long of a time span and people won't be interested (too much like reality). Too short of a timespan and you won't be able to punish people enough. Typically 3 or 4 days is enough.

Weight Reduction

Second, pick a promised weight reduction. I think most people don't think they can lose more than 4 pounds per day, so keep it a little less than that, but be positive. Also, give a large range of weight loss. And put an official sounding disclaimer in there for good measure. Here are some examples:

  • Lose up to 12 pounds in 3 days! (acual weight loss ranges from 8-12 pounds depending on the person, their matabolism, and the digestability of the potassium magenate encountered).
  • I lost 13 pounds between Monday and Thursday and you can too! (my experience may not be yours, however I am a very average person that has never excelled at anything).
  • Follow Dr. Jingleheimerschmidts program and get down the pounds! (Consult a doctor before starting Dr. Jingleheimerschmidts program especially if you ever experience shortness of breath when climbing more than 8 flights of stairs).
Plan the Menu

Finally, you plan the menu. Planning the menu involves taking each meal and eliminate one aspect from a normal meal. Remember to use your ingredients. Examples:

Regular Breakfast
Fad Diet Breakfast

Glass of Milk

Glass of Goats Milk

Piece of Toast

British water cracker

Plate of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns



Coffee (with sugar in the raw)

Fad Diet Lunch


1/3 of a Radicio with balsamic vinegar


Cabbage soup

Club sandwich with ham & turkey



Diet Creme Soda

Fad Diet Dinner

Mashed Potatoes


Roast Beef

26 ounces of Liverwurst


1/2 endive sauted in palm oil

Chocolate cake

Pineapple flavored cottage cheese

That's it!

When you are done publish it on the internet. Use the pictures of your weight gaining friend as an after and before picture and soon you'll be spending $30 per month so that other people can read it.

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