Diet Videos

Welcome to Fad's diet video page. Once in a while we make a video about diet advice, or we investigate a diet plan. This is where we post those videos for you to watch. We hope you enjoy them.

Our first video is an analysis of a belt vibrator. I found this baby at a second-hand store. You know, I always wondered if they actually did anything at all. I was fairly certain that they didn't "work", but how minimal was their effect. Here's the video:

Wow. I was surprised at how little effect on your heart rate that the belt vibrator had. I was also surprised at how much it chafed my skin. It felt like I had a sunburn on my bum after just 30 minutes of using the belt vibrator.

Here is a video where we review 12 popular diet books in 3 minutes.
In this video you'll see me summarize the following diet books: Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Skinny Bitch, Hungry Girl, You: On A Diet, Eat Clean, Body for Life, The Zone, Fit or Fat, Eat This Not That, and The Paleo Diet. I hope you can save the money you would have spent on diet books and spend it on something nice, like ice cream.

Here is an interview with the Fad Diet Doctor. Doctor Maxwell Ness, inventor of the Cabbage Soup Diet. Dr. Ness has been spending time in a special "Institution" where he has been developing his diet "theories".
Please note that Dr. Ness's suggestions of eating a diet that is high in preservatives and avoiding exercise are NOT the views of As always, we suggest you avoid the suggestions of any and all insane diet doctors.

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