My Diet Book

My Diet Book
Look Everyone! I wrote a diet book. That's right, I took my 13 years of experience in running this website and I combined it all into a diet book. Here is a link and the press release about it. Fad Diets - 30 Ways to Lose The Same 5 Pounds

A new book is changing the diet landscape. Created by the longtime curator of, this book chronicles the 30 most-searched diet plans in the last decade. Each diet is summarized with a meal-plan and a few smarmy comments. The book quickly allows readers to choose a plan they like, follow the meals, and lose weight. When their patience runs out, they can try another plan without buying a new book. The best part is the book costs $0.99. But, is 3 cents per diet plan too much?

The website has held this information for years and it is free. So why charge for it in eBook format? “I wanted to challenge my competition on their turf. I wanted my book to be sold along all of the other questionable diet advice, at the bookstore.”

Are Fad Diets a bunch of baloney? “Sure they are” says Nardone, “but so is every other diet book.” He claims the cycle works as follows: Each year a new diet book is released and part the book’s marketing plan is to have the author say something terrible about fad diets. They call them dangerous and risky to make their own diet book looks safe and sane. It is a smear campaign that has worked for decades. “I’m tired of it.” says Nardone “Just because their bullshit diet is fresh, that doesn’t mean it smells like chocolate. Very few diet books are based upon sound scientific study, most of the information is just anecdotal evidence by self-proclaimed experts.”

Nardone’s only revenge is that the diet market is fickle. This year’s hot trend will be relegated to the world of fad diets in 12 months. Then, another Johny-Come-Lately will be warning you about last year’s mistakes.

History shows that all of these techniques work about equally. There is no magic bullet. Thousands of people try the latest diet each year. They all turn a few days of self-sacrifice into the loss of a couple of pounds. The next year they move on to something different.

The strangest part of the diet book phenomenon is the size of some books. They are huge! It is not uncommon for a diet book to contain over 200 hard-bound pages. Each author must toil for weeks to turn what should be contained within a pamphlet into an entire hardcover. How many people actually read every word? Most must look for the meal plan and start sacrificing.

That is why Fad Diets - 30 Time-Tested Weight Loss Methods to Lose the Same 5 Pounds is so different. Fad Diets quickly summarizes 30 different plans, gives you a concise meal plan for each, and provides humor and helpful advice along the way. The honesty and usefulness of the information is refreshing. Best of all, the price is a buck, of which Nardone receives $0.33.

No stranger to the book publishing game, Tom Nardone is a three-time best-selling author. Nardone has sold over 300,000 books through traditional publishing. Of that number, only about half have paid him more than thirty-three cents a copy. “I love publishing eBooks.” says Nardone. “I can create something unique, get it to press quickly, and I can price it affordably. I only wish that everyone had a Kindle.”

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